Why Livin and Studyin in Utah is so darn good


Let the race begin!

Last week we had elections for Student Government and it was a crazy week! Next year is going to be great year I can already tell. I’m actually running for Senator the Goddard School of Business this week! Each school has a student representative that they call Senators and elections for those positions are going on this week. If any of you are or know a declared business major here is how you vote!

1.Go to: https://portalapps.weber.edu/smartLogin/altLogin.aspx?page=%2Fcollegiatelink%2Fdefault.aspx%3Frenderteaser%3Dfalse

If that doesn’t work this will https://portalapps.weber.edu/collegiatelink/

and then click on the picture

2. Enter your WSU name and password

3. If you have not logged on to CollegiateLink before, you will

be prompted to verify your name and email address.

4. Click on the button or picture that says: “VOTE NOW!!”

5. VOTE!                                                                                                 Those are my signs 🙂

There is nothing like getting involved at school, it is the funnest most efficient way to get through school. Weber State is in the Big Sky tournament and we just beat Eastern Washington last Saturday in the first round, it was an awesome game to be at! Tune in tomorrow here at the alumni center to watch the Wildcats play in the semifinals game with a bunch of peeps! Food will be provided,starts at 5:30! See you there!


My snowboard went “oh snap” literally…

Monday off from school, 2 feet of snow and a blue-bird day! First run at Snowbasin I snap my snowboard! This is snowboard #4…Can you believe that luck!? It was a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I couldn’t ride that day and sweet because I got to go buy a new one! And to make things even better, there was a Presidents day sale at Decade and I got 40% off all my stuff! I got to go up Tuesday and redeem myself and it was probably one of the best days I have had this season. Nothing like being so close to the mountains while going at college. From what I though was a tragic event turned out to be pretty darn good after all 🙂

Nervous for my Jazz :/

Loosing Sloan was like loosing a grandpa! What a historic event that happened this last week! I don’t know if his decision was hard for anyone else but it came to me as a thief in the night! Didn’t see that coming! Will the Jazz be better or worse without our  coach? I think that they will start to struggle even more right now  and won’t finish off the season well, but it will be good for us later  down the road. Not very much hope i know.

There is a career fair coming up this week that I am stoked for! It’s this wednesday at Weber State in the ballrooms from 9-2pm.  There are a few companies that I am so excited to meet and get to know. There is so much opportunity out there and so many people wanting you to succeed you just have to apply yourself! So jump on board, see you Cats Wednesday!

Life is Good

Well…the only thing I have on my mind right now is the word “exam.” I have 4 coming up this week and my time management skills are really being tested right now! When you get done with a week sometimes you look back and wonder how in the world you got everything done! Not worried they should go just fine 🙂

We have a really cool activity up here at Weber State last Saturday that was a really good turn out. Free game, free dinner on the court and then we watched Mega Mind in the Dee Events Center on a huge screen! Good way to end the week…I also had my last day of Scuba class on Saturday and got certified! Boo ya! I took a class through Weber that got me certified in about 3 weeks.

Now is the time to put in your nominees for WSU’s Crystal Crest awards! I’ve been helping on the Crystal Crest committee and it is going to be great! They are the awards for personality of the year, man/women of the year, scholar, teacher, talent of the year etc. You can nominate whomever just by going to weber.edu/crystalcrest. It’s a way cool tradition here and the more people that nominate the merrier! Over and out…

Winning feels so good!

School is just rolling right along, I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by in the new semester! I guess when you’re having fun things seem to be going by quicker.

I had one of the coolest weeks yet last week! I got to go to the Utah Jazz game on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs and here’s what went down… I was on a double date and the 4 of us were just sitting there early waiting for the game to start when I guy approached me and introduced himself as Matt, the on-court Jazz contest coordinator. I got the tingles…He asked me if I wanted to be the contestant for the first quarter contest to win a free Hoops Vision lasik eye surgery worth 4,700 bucks! (They do this once a year!) So I agreed, and at the end of the first quarter I went down to center court, they blindfolded me, the Jazz Bear spun me around and then he went to one end of the court with a sign that said Hoops Vision. I was supposed to touch the sign and I would win. The crowd would boo if I was going in the wrong direction and would cheer if I was headed towards the bear! I had 45 seconds to touch that sign and I made it in 20! I won! It was one of the most random things that has ever happened to me so now I need to figure out when to get it done! The Jazz lost the game but I ended up a winner that night 🙂

Then on Saturday I went to the Weber State basketball game and then beat the undefeated Northern Colorado team with a Buzzer beater from half court! It was the best game ever! Not every week is filled with that much excitement but was definitely one full of highlights. Let’s see what next week brings!

Spring Semester…First Week in the Books!

I’m back for more school! Breaks are good, don’t get me wrong, but It’s always a great feeling to get new classes and meet your new professors! I’m in the School of Business studying Accounting at Weber State University and am one class away from being in my Junior year, 22 years old and counting. I actually just moved up to Ogden and live so close to campus I can walk to class, I love it! Parking situation solved 🙂

This Friday WSU hosted a Neon Dance Party in the Student Union Building that was kickin! It was a good way to make the transition back into a new semester and to enjoy the first weekend.

Saturday was followed by a sweet game of broom hockey (inside of course) which actually turned out to be one of the most creative date ideas I’ve heard. Everybody had to take off their shoes, we split into two teams and went at it! There are so many good things about life and there is no reason not to be taking advantage of all it! Week two bring it on…

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